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Peninsula School for Dog Trainers

What You'll Learn

Dog Behavior and Training

Learn training theory and practical application as you go hands on with a variety of dogs teaching them obedience, manners, and problem solving unwanted behaviors.

Human Behavior and Psychology

Your training success lies with dog owners. Learn how to inspire and motivate your clients, and how to better communicate with them to ensure follow through and retention.

Business Skills for Success

Build a profitable business you can be proud of. Learn crucial skills in setting up a sustainable, ethical business so you can impact more lives.

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Experience teaching group classes and lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions prospective students ask.

Where are you located.

We are located in the Agnew district of Port Angeles, on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

How long is the program?

The program is fully immersive and runs twice yearly. It lasts 4 full months with the first month to be completed online, and the remaining 3 months (residency) to be completed at our location in Port Angeles, WA.

What if I can't travel to your location?

In order to participate in the program, it is a requirement that you attend live training with us in Port Angeles, WA. Unfortunately, no exceptions will be made.

How many students do you accept each semester?

In order to ensure our students receive the best possible experience, we only accept 8 students each semester.

What is my time investment? What are the training hours?

During the first month of the program, all courses are online. Students can plan on approximately 10 hours of instruction followed by a 1 hour online exam. Students who pass their competency exam can then enter their residency, where they will attend lectures and participate in hands on training at our location. Interns are required to participate in training Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm at minimum

What type of certification will I earn?

Upon completion of the program, and passing the final exam, students will be certified by Peninsula School for Dog Trainers. You will be listed in our directory of certified dog trainers, and you will be able to use our proprietary training in your business.

Can I bring my dog(s) to my residency?

Personal dogs are not allowed at our training facility. If you would like to bring your dogs to your residency, you will be required to stay off site. Reach out to us for recommendations for dog friendly housing, and/or local, high-class boarding kennel options.

The Peninsula School for Dog Trainers

Full Immersion

4 Month Program

Online Lectures and Theory
3 Month In Person Residency
Practice teaching Group Classes and Lessons
Trainer Certification and ongoing support
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