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The education you'll receive at The Peninsula School of dog behavior and training in unrivaled. Because let's face it. You can't fully learn how to train dogs effectively online. And a few days of in person, hands on lessons won't cut it.

We exist to give you the education you need to learn everything dog behavior and training.

In our comprehensive program, you'll get the theory you need to know, but more importantly, you'll get the hands on experience to practice and refine your skills.

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Our Training Philosophy

At the Peninsula School for Dog Behavior and Training, you'll receive a well rounded education. Our training philosophy is centered on forging a rock solid relationship built on mutual respect, trust and a whole lot of fun. While we feel it's important you learn about many styles of training in our program, our hands on training will lean primarily on the use of rewards to shape desirable behavior, and forge positive associations.

Our Programs are


Our program is full immersive and comprehensive. Your education is broken down into four phases.

Phase 1: Practical Theory (Online) : You'll learn the theory behind all of our methods in our online classes. Complete your coursework (approximately 1 month). The online portion consists of two live online training sessions, lasting approximately two hours each, followed by a series of short video training sessions you can watch on your own time.

Phase 2: Residency (in person) : You'll work hands on with our trainers on site, training dogs. Your residency lasts 12 weeks and during that time, you'll be responsible for training a variety of dogs, start to finish. You'll work in our rescue, learning how to read, listen and speak dog to inspire behavior change on a holistic level.

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Join us for our full immersion 4 month dog behavior and training program and take your understanding of dog behavior to a new level. Space is Limited.