Dog Training

Port Angeles, WA

Understand the Dog - Human connection on a new level

Don't just learn how to teach sit, down, stay and heel. Learn how dogs think, and how to truly listen to them, to inspire a bond unlike any other.

Dog Training isn’t about learning cookie cutter strategies, following recipes, or reciting meaningless jargon. It’s about being able to listen to the dog, to diagnose, to critically think, and to problem solve.

The Peninsula School for Dog Training

The Most Comprehensive Dog Training Academy

Hands on Training

Work hands on with our rescue dogs to learn how to read and listen to a variety of dogs, with a variety of temperaments.

Human Psychology

Learn about human psychology and the canine human bond and how it impacts dog behavior and training.

Full Immersion

Work closely with our trainers for a full 16 weeks to learn about dog behavior on a whole new level.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Transform your relationship with your dog.

A holistic approach
to dog behavior and

The Peninsula School for Dog Training